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Sweet habanero now available


You asked for it, so we delivered. The sweet heat of Cholula Sweet Habanero is NOW AVAILABLE for all to enjoy! Check with your favorite retailer or shop our online store to get that kick of habanero and burst of pineapple you've been craving.


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Cholula’s Original recipe has sparked an obsession for flavor and earned widespread devotion. The Order of Cholula was founded as an online community to give this vast group of passionate Cholula fans a place to unite and share their stories of discovery. Our members, known as “Cholulians”, are rewarded with valuable offers and other exciting benefits.

We are the Order of Cholula.


Periodically the Order of Cholula will honor a Cholulian whose story stood apart from the rest, demonstrating their passion and the core values of our society.


"When I was in the Navy I was stationed on a minesweeper - one of the smallest ships in the fleet, hence one of the smallest shipboard kitchens in the fleet. We had a fraction of the food options and amenities other ships do. Hot sauce was a must with every meal, especially after your hundredth serving of yakisoba or shepherds pie. After several weeks at sea we ran out of our usual hot sauce and the cook bought a case of Cholula when we pulled into Cozumel. After trying it the first time I almost cried at how it made my tastebuds sing in the face of this bland food. I couldn’t fathom why we didn’t stock it instead of the generic flavorless sauce we usually did and many of my shipmates agreed with me. From that point on I don’t remember a time that we didn’t have bottles of Cholula available on the mess deck. My love of Cholula left the service with me and to this day is one of the most coveted ingredients in my kitchen."