Sweet habanero bottle exclusive sold out


Please accept our apologies. Our limited edition Cholula® Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce proved to be extremely popular and is now completely gone. No more. We are amazed at how quickly our passionate fans came calling for our new flavor. But fear not, you will still receive special offers if accepted into the Order of Cholula.


Members of the Order of Cholula will receive:

  • quarterly newsletters
  • valuable offers
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  • proprietary Order secrets

*Cholula® Sweet Habanero was limited to the first 1,000 members or while supplies lasted. Limit one per household. U.S. mailing address only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. No other Cholula flavors will be substituted in place of Cholula Sweet Habanero.


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Cholula’s Original recipe has sparked an obsession for flavor and earned widespread devotion. The Order of Cholula was founded as an online community to give this vast group of passionate Cholula fans a place to unite and share their stories of discovery. Our members, known as “Cholulians”, are rewarded with valuable offers and other exciting benefits.

We are the Order of Cholula.


Each month the Order of Cholula will honor a Cholulian whose story stood apart from the rest, demonstrating their passion and the core values of our society.



"I never used to believe I would become that sort of man who carries around a little bottle of hot sauce to dining occasions... but here I am; a changed man from the first taste.

It's difficult to measure how many decisions were impacted in my life because I enjoyed my breakfast eggs so much more, or took a burrito into my mouth like a total beast in front of a large and rather shocked onlooking family. Or even my tendency to pour some Original Cholula into my beer can at the moment of opening, before even the first sip. It's even harder, frankly, to imagine not having made all my millions and saved all the countless lives I have without these precious moments of unrivaled satisfaction. I am not a man of a limited imagination, but even I can admit that such a notion is unthinkable.

I want to thank this amazing company for not only being the only one with the distinctness of a round wooden top on their bottles - quite a timeless and iconic image in its own right - but the BEST and most UNBELIEVABLY PERFECT sauce ever. Oh, AND the best hot sauce. Even if it's not hot enough... this flavor will always drive me and future generations to the abundance of successes and most epic & glorious of meals. Cheers!"